Kigali Edition


Presented as a plastic questioning, “Autour de moi” explores the ever-changing environmental context as it’s main source of inspiration. This exhibition inherits the artists’ historical, social and political perspectives, while safely cradled in the oral culture of their elders. Immersed in globalization, this new generation of young contemporary Rwandan artists are posing pressing questions to the world at large.

These fresh artistic voices have configured a vibrant language, born of cultural hybridization. By interlacing their cultural groundings and experiential technologies, each of the artists has created an unprecedented parallel of the mediums.

This exhibition lends itself to the current practice and body of works already imprinted in Rwandan art history. Further, it confronts historic work through other global contemporary artists found in Burundi, DRC, Sweden and Germany to name a few.

Highlights from the opening of Autour de Moi Exhibition